Spare parts lists

Are you looking for spare parts for existing systems or new generation products?

Below you will find spare parts lists of individual products.

Spare parts list according to product groups

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Spare parts list Heating

tubra®-PGM S / PGR S DN 20

tubra®-PGM / PGR DN 25/32
as of 2020
tubra®-PGM / PGR DN 25/32
2005 until 2019

tubra®-PGM / PGR DN 40

tubra®-PGF-T / PGF-C

tubra®-PGF-V / PGF-E DN 32
as of 2020
tubra®-PGF-V / PGF-E DN 32
until 2019
tubra® housing station

Spare parts list Hot water

tubra®-nemux S / M / T

tubra®-Frista L / KL

tubra®-Frista XL / KXL

tubra®-nemux until 2019

tubra®-Frista mix until 2019

Spare parts list Solar energy


tubra®-PGS multi

tubra®-PGS DN 20

tubra®-PGS XL

tubra®-Üsta 2021

tubra®-ÜSTA-mat until 2021

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