1919Otto and Paul Tuxhorn found Gebr. Tuxhorn OHG and started the producion of valves, for example float,- and foot valves.
1921Building of an new plant in Bielefeld-Brackwede

The first products are sold outside Germany.

1946The range of products is extended to haeting, ship and fuel valves.
1966A new modern office building is built.
tubra® (tuxhorn brackwede) - the trademark of Tuxhorn - is born.
1979New Building of foundry and assemby hall.
1985Building of an adiotional assembly hall.
1988The tubra® modular system for radiators and underfloor heating is ideal to be combined
1993Production of first tubra® solar thermals

OVL´s regional innovation award grated for our modular system

2000tuxhornarmaturen is certfied by the German entity TUV Nord according to DIN EN ISO 9001

2009New modern building is built in Bielefeld-Senne: energy-efficient design, optimized procedures, introduction of operating principle Kanban and Kaizen.
2014tuxhornarmaturen moved successfully to new location at Bielefeld-Senne
2016Introduction of Power to Heat assembly tubra®-eTherm
OTTI Photovoltaik innovation award grated for tubra®-eTherm
TodayDevelopment and production of modern, innovative, hydraulic control systems with 100 years experience