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Siphon protection

Siphon protection valves or angle check valves are prescribed safety devices for heating oil tank systems.

In tank installations where the highest liquid level is above the suction line, there is a risk of siphoning. If there is any leak or leakage in the suction lines, the tank contents may run dry without siphon protection.

Siphon protection valves prevent the liquid from leaking at this point.

Scheme VA siphon protection
Scheme siphon protection

tubra® corner check valve

Siphon protection tested according to:

E DIN EN 12514-3:2009-06
Parts for supply systems for consuming units with liquid fuels – Part 3:
Safety requirements and tests – Valves and meters

tubra® corner check valve

VA PB Angle check valve 260 x 444 pix
Article Fig. 607
  • Siphon protection: 1.5 – 3 m under system pressure adjustable
  • Opening pressure relief valve: 2 bar
  • Medium: fuels, oil, benzene
  • Max. 90 °C, PN10
  • Housing material: CW617N (2.0402) Flat seal: Biodiesel-resistant
  • Compression spring: stainless steel

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