Circu-mix ISO
    Circu-mix ISO


Complete station for mixing and circulation


Comfort and safety for hot water are combined in the compact station tubra®-Circu-mix. The integrated circulation pump reduces unnecessary water losses and keeps the hot water system at temperature as needed. At the same time, the mixed water unit with the thermostatic domestic hot water mixer ensures constant hot water temperature during tapping and circulation operation. This prevents overheating of the hot water network in accordance with standards.

The entire unit comes completely pre-assembled, including functional arrangement of the backflow preventers. The circulation pump is already pre-wired. The connections for the piping are designed to be easy to assemble and installation-friendly, enabling a time- and cost-saving assembly. Furthermore, the shut-off valves ensure high ease of operation and service.

  • forward-looking combination for use in solar systems
  • prevents overheating of the hot water network
  • with anti-scald protection
  • modular design for fast assembly
Scheme Circu-mix
                    System Circu-mix
Nominal sizeDN 20
Pressure lost mixing unit kvs 1,9
Adjustment range mixed water temperature35-65 °C
max. working pressure10 bar
max. working temperature hot water90 °C
ConnectionsRp 3/4
Dimensions H x W x D380 x 340 x 150 mm

tubra® accessory selection

Product portfolio Hot water

Fresh water stations from tuxhorn are used exclusively for heating drinking water by means of a buffer tank and an in-station plate heat exchanger using the flow-through principle. Only drinking water as defined by the Drinking Water Ordinance may be heated.

tubra-nemux M VE

Nominal power 100 kW
Tap capacity 41 l/min

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tubra-FRISTA L

Nominal power 158 kW
Tap capacity 65 l/min

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Nominal power 223 kW
Tap capacity 83 l/min

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Nemux cascade piping

For hydraulic connection
of 2 stations
tubra®-nemux S / M

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FRISTA KL Cascade piping

For hydraulic connection
of 2 stations
tubra®-FRISTA KL

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Thermostatic domestic hot water mixer for centralized hot water temperature control

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