Thermostatic domestic hot water mixer for central hot water temperature regulation

The thermostatic domestic hot water mixer tubra®-therm is used wherever a fixed mixed water temperature is desired. tubra®-therm is installed in the system after the water heater and is used to centrally limit the temperature of the hot potable water.

The automatic function of the tubra®-therm is ensured by a highly sensitive thermostatic control element. The control element is surrounded by mixed water and regulates the hot and cold water inflow.

The domestic hot water mixer is insensitive to pressure differences between cold water and hot water and keeps the mixed water temperature constant. If there is no cold water supply, the hot water supply is automatically closed and an anti-scald protection is provided. Using the handwheel, the desired mixed water temperature can be infinitely adjusted. The locking device prevents unauthorized or unintentional adjustment.

  • prevents overheating of the hot water network according to the standard
  • with anti-scald protection
Scheme tubra-therm
System tubra-therm
Nominal sizeDN 20 DN 25
Pressure lostkvs 1,9kvs 3,0
Adjustment range mixed water temperature35-65 °C35-65 °C
max. working pressure10 bar10 bar
max. working temperature hot water90 °C90 °C
Connections3 x G1 AG3 x G1 1/4 AG
Dimensions (without screw fittings) H x W 72 x 120 mm77 x 122 mm

tubra® accessory selection

Product portfolio Hot water

Fresh water stations from tuxhorn are used exclusively for heating drinking water by means of a buffer tank and an in-station plate heat exchanger using the flow-through principle. Only drinking water as defined by the Drinking Water Ordinance may be heated.

tubra-nemux M VE

Nominal power 100 kW
Tap capacity 41 l/min

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tubra-FRISTA L

Nominal power 158 kW
Tap capacity 65 l/min

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Nominal power 223 kW
Tap capacity 83 l/min

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Cascade piping nemux

For hydraulic connection
From 2 stations
tubra®-nemux S / M

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Cascade piping FRISTA KL

For hydraulic connection
of 2 stations
tubra®-FRISTA KL

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Complete station for mixing
and circulation

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