offers fresh water stations – single and cascade – from 20 to 500 l/min, circulation sets, cascade piping, premixers, valves and accessories.

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Fresh water stations

Fresh water stations are used for hygienic preparation of potable hot water. The use of plate heat exchangers results in a separation between the buffer tank and the fresh water. The amount of heat required for hot water comfort is stored exclusively in the buffer tank. There is no hot water stored. Instead, hot water is heated – hygienically – during use.

The plate heat exchangers are flowed through in the counterflow principle and have high thermal lengths, which provide great energetic efficiency. The low temperatures and high flow rates within the plate heat exchanger channels provide double scaling protection.

Controller platform

solutions in heat transfer

Uniform controller platform for all tubra® freshwater stations

One controller platform covers the entire hot water portfolio, regardless which fresh water station is used. In cascade operation, the master and slave stations are only distinguished during installation.

  • low storage costs, identical design for master and slave
  • service-friendly, uniform controller platform
tubra® fresh water controller for all stations of nemux and FRISTA

tubra® fresh water regulator

The speed of the primary pump is controlled by means of a PWM signal. Thus, a constant hot water temperature can be realized.

Comfort function

The comfort function is used to preheat the plate heat exchanger,
in order to ensure a rapid
hot water preperation.

Return stratification

The return stratification is used to protect the temperature stratification in the storage tank from mixing while the circulation is active.

Floating set point

If the temperature measured at the flow sensor is not sufficient to reach the hot water set point temperature, the set point temperature is lowered dynamically.


For preheating of the hot water pipes,
a circulation function is integrated. You can choose between
a thermal, a time or a demand control of the
circulation pump.

Product group Hot water

tubra-nemux T/TM

Nominal power 60 kW
Tap capacity 25 l/min

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tubra-nemux S/M VE

Nominal power 100 kW
Tap capacity 41 l/min

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tubra-FRISTA L

Nominal power 158 kW
Tap capacity 65 l/min

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Nominal power 223 kW
Tap capacity 83 l/min

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Thermostatic domestic hot water mixer for central hot water temperature regulation

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Complete station for mixing
and circulation

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