tubra® level fittings

tuxhorn level fittings are fittings for level indication of liquid containers, usable for liquids containing water and oil.

Float valves

are used in unpressurized tanks for water replenishment. The lever design actuates the valve, which opens the unpressurized supply line and starts the refilling of the liquid tank.

Scheme VA float valve
                  Scheme float valve
Pressure loss VA float valve
Scheme float valve with strainer, brass or polyamide

Aeration valves

The aeration valve is used in pressure vessels to convey a certain amount of air in the volume flow. This ensures that there is always a sufficient air cushion in the air vessel. In addition, it facilitates the start-up of the pump, since the entire pressure line is ventilated and the pump initially transports an air-water mixture in the start-up process.

The air volume regulator is used for automatic venting of the pressure vessel. If the level drops below a certain point, the valve opens and the air can escape at the start of the filling process.

Labeling 1213
Labeling 1213
Scheme VA vent valves
Scheme ventilation valves
tuxhorn® valves for every application

float valves, float balls, aeration valves and sniffer valves

We have countless valves on offer. Just contact us, we will find the right valve for your application.

tubra® float valve

VA PB float valve 260 x 444 pix
Article Fig. 444

for level control in liquid containers, for water and neutral liquids.
Attention: Order float ball separately. Max. 60 °C Supply pressure according to
float ball
Mounting position: horizontal Material/housing and angle lever: CW617N (2.0402)
Piston, float rod, bolts and cotter pins: CW614N (2.0401)
Seal: NBR
60° Shore, oil resistant

tubra® sniffing valve

VA PB Sniffer valve 260 x 444 pix
Article Fig. 448

for screwing into the suction port of piston pumps. Draws in air when aspirating. Air volume adjustable via throttle of the pump. Media: water, oil
Material body, bonnet, knurled screw: 2.0401 (CuZn39Pb3) Valve lip: NBR

tubra® aeration valve

VA PB air vent 260 x 444 pix
Article Fig. 406

for manual venting of a pressure vessel according to DIN 4810. Top part with tank valve Vg 8
(suitable for car tire tester and inflator)
Material/housing, upper part, knurled screw: CW614N (2.0401)
Valve lip: NBR
Medium: compressed air

tubra® selection of other valves

Product portfolio Supply fittings

Supply fittings are used for the protection of pressurized and unpressurized systems

VA PB Diaphragm Safety Valve Red 260 x 444 pix

Safety fittings

safety fittings DN 15 to DN 50 for liquids

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VA MB foot valve with brass strainer 260 x 444 pix

Pump fittings

accessories for reliable operation of liquid pumps

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VA MB single fitting for water level indicator 260 x 444 pix

Level indicators

fittings for level indication of liquid containers, usable for liquids containing water and oil

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VA MB Angle check valve 260 x 444 pix

Fuel / gas fittings

fittings for use with oil- and
petrol-containing liquids

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