tubra® system storage

Fresh water tank

Hygienic and efficient alternative to enamel drinking water tanks

  • fresh hot water in flow principle
  • no stockpiling of hot potable water
  • very good utilization of storage tank due to low return temperatures, improves the calorific value effect

tubra® stations matching the system storage

The compact stations Hot water and PV-Heat are available in different power groups.

  • Hot water: nemux S/M
  • PV-Heat: eTherm P / eTherm C
tubra® system storage
             Fresh water tank without solar register

Hot water with photovoltaics – the new solar heat

Through the tubra®-eTherm, the stratified loading of the storage tank is carried out with cost-effective surplus energy. Ideal for increasing the self-consumption quota, especially for old EEG plants that are no longer eligible for subsidies.

With tuxhorn fittings to system storage

  • system safety with optimum energy utilization due to stratified chimney for heating circuit return
  • Power to heat stratified loading – storage unit is loaded 100% stratified
  • space-saving installable
  • low installation effort due to internal piping
  • optimally matched components
             Fresh water tank with fittings

tubra®  matching connection fittings for the All in one storage tank

tubra®-nemux T

thermally controlled fresh water station with control valve and fast thermal actuator

tubra®-nemux M

electronically controlled fresh water station with circulation program, cascade function and hygiene program

Angle ball valve set nemux

with full bore valve

tubra®-eTherm P

 hydraulic unit with integrated control and modulating power electronics with sensor unit for excess measurement of photovoltaic power for thermal storage in buffer tanks.

tubra®-eTherm C

hydraulic group with electric heating element and control for stratified heating of buffer tanks

tubra® storage connection set

for direct mounting to the storage tank

TypePFW 380PFW 500 / PFWR 500PFW 800 / PFWR 800PFW 1000 / PFWR 1000
ErP Volume [l]381480718887
Standby volume [l]213305420
Solar volume [l]267413467
Ø non-insulated [mm]650650790790
Ø insulated [mm]850850990990
Height insulated [mm]1390168017432093
Tilt size [mm]1370165717342077
Solar WTwithout WTwithout WT / 1,8 qm WTwithout WT/ 2,8 qm WTwithout WT / 3,0 qm WT
Weight [kg]78123 / 155 156 / 202 179 / 225

tubra® accessory selection for system storage

Product portfolio System storage

System storage for hot water, heating, power to heat and solar

All in one system storage

for heating, hot water, PV-Heat, heat pump, biomass and solar

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