Pump groups for mixed and
unmixed heating circuits included
Accessories from distributors, system separation to magnetite separators.

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Boiler circuit

Storage tank charging groups, pump groups in the boiler circuit and solid fuel boiler groups with return temperature boosting.

Thermally controlled apartment transfer stations for efficient 2-pipe networks in multi-family houses for mixed and unmixed heat distribution.

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offers you solid fuel boiler groups from DN 20 to DN 32 for up to a maximum of 90 kW solid fuel boiler output.

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Loading groups for boiler circuit

The pump groups of the tubra®-PGF series are fitting groups for the cost-effective and time-saving connection of a solid fuel boiler.

In the heating phase of the solid fuel boiler, the flow water is directly returned to the boiler.

If the temperature of the return water rises above the set value, the mixing valve opens the path to the buffer tank and the warm supply water is now made available to the tank.

  • With thermostatic return temperature maintenance for residential solid fuel appliances and solid fuel boilers
  • With electronic return temperature maintenance for solid fuel boilers
  • Power classes range from DN 25 – DN 32, 30 kW – 90 kW
Scheme KK
Scheme loading groups for solid fuel boilers

The benefit for the boiler circuit system:

Our pump groups for boiler circuits ensure the necessary operating temperatures for solid fuel boilers. Several variants are available for this purpose.

  • compact modular design
  • quickly reach operating temperature
  • increase the boiler life
  • on request with regulation
  • thermal insulation compliant with GEG
Diagram PGF C

Product group
Boiler circuit

Solid fuel boiler groups
DN 20

tubra®-PGF-T / PGF-C
Pump set DN 20 for solid fuel boilers with thermostatic return temperature increase
Fixed value 60 °C

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Solid fuel boiler groups
DN 25

tubra®-PGF-V DN 25
Pump assembly for solid fuel boilers with thermostatically adjustable return temperature boost 40 – 70 °C

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Solid fuel boiler groups
DN 25 /32

tubra®-PGF-E/PGF-KR DN 25/32
Pump group for solid fuel boiler with mixer and servomotor for electronic return temperature control

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Return Lift Groups
DN 20/25/32

tubra®-RHG T/E/KR
Thermal/electronic  Controlled solid fuel boiler groups

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