PGR DN 32
    PGM DN 32
PGM DN 25 + mag-jet
    PGM DN 25 + mag-jet

tubra®-PGM / PGR

Heating circuit groups DN 25/32

The compact pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits
up to 90 kW heat power.

  • large power range up to 90 kW
  • progressive mixing characteristic for large flow rate range with optimum control quality (DN 25 kvs = 8.0 m³/h , DN32 kvs = 12.0 m³/h)
  • integrated temperature sensors – position in flow and return
  • smooth running ball valves with floating ball
  • ball valve spindles exchangeable from the front
  • integrated fitting piece for heat meter or tubra®-mag-jet magnetite separator
  • thermal insulation compliant with GEG 
  • suitable for cooling applications > 14°C due to transparent foil in front of the thermometer openings
tubra® variants DN 25/32 groups

The compact heating group is available with different pumps.

  • Pumps: Grundfos UPM3 25-70 Auto, Magna3 40-80, Wilo Para 25/8 SC
    and without pump
  • Control: with and without constant value control
  • Mixer: with and without mixer and bivalent mixer 

The tubra®-mag-jet magnetite separator filters microscopic magnetic particles out of the water and thus protects the heating system from rust and silting. The tubra®-mag-jet protects pumps, condensing boilers and the plate heat exchangers of heat pumps from wear and deposits, thus ensuring a long service life even for the narrow gaps of mixing valves, thermostatic valves and differential pressure valves.

  • lifetime extension of the new high-efficiency pumps by reducing magnetic particles in the heating water
  • complete insulation – ensured by the integrated installation in the heating circuit group
  • optimum protection and safety for your condensing boiler and heat pump
  • flow direction only from top to bottom
  • magnetite and particle separation through flow reduction in the bypass and integrated magnets
  • immersion sleeve for flexible magnetic chain
  • rotatable KFE tap with side outlet
  • very low pressure drop
System PGM 32 + mag-jet integrated in DN 32 group


As external or integrated solution in groups DN 20-32 possible

tubra®-mag-jet V

The mag-jet DN 25 V can be variably adapted to different lengths.
For this purpose, the copper tube is shortened accordingly and mounted by means of compression fitting.

Mode of action

Passage after assembly,
turbulent core flow, flow calming in the dirt area with easy drainage.

tubra®-HW DN25/32 multifunctional diverter valve

The multifunctional diverter combines a hydraulic diverter with central system ventilation and a magnetite / sludge separator.

  • version available for DN 25 (1 ½”) and DN 32 (2″)
  • including connection option for system deaeration, magnetite and sludge separation, flow temperature sensor
  • Including drain with fill and drain cock and immersion sleeve for VL sensor
  • thermal insulation compliant with GEG
  • wall mount

tubra®-HW DN 25

hydraulic separator
incl. system deaerator and magnetite separator

tubra®-HW with Iso

Incl. EPP insulation

Mode of action

Internally, the hydraulic separator has flow calming internals for venting and sludge / magnetite separation. There is a perforated plate between the flow and return chambers to reduce turbulence.

Typtubra®-PGM 25tubra®-PGR 25tubra®-PGM 32tubra®-PGR 32tubra®-Trio-mat DN 25
Nominal capacity at dT 10K / 20K35 / 70 kW35 / 70 kW40 / 80 kW45 / 90 kW20 kW / 40 kW
Kvs group (mixer)kvs 8,0 (11)-kvs 12,0 (19)--
Nominal flow rate
at dT 250 mbar
----1700 l/h
Dimensions H x B x T 420 x 250 x 215 mm 420 x 250 x 215 mm 420 x 250 x 215 mm 420 x 250 x 215 mm 118 x 500 x 160 mm
Centre distance125 mm125 mm125 mm125 mm125 mm
max. working pressure3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar
max. working temperature95 °C95 °C95 °C95 °C95 °C
Connections boiler sideG1 1/2 AG G1 1/2 AG G2 AG G2 AG G1 1/4 AG
Connections circuit sideG1 1/2 AG , Rp1 IGG1 1/2 AG , Rp1 IGG1 1/2 AG , Rp1 IGG1 1/2 AG , Rp1 IGÜWM G1 1/2 - Rp1
Gravity brake20 mbar20 mbar20 mbar20 mbar-

tubra® accessory selection

Product portfolio Heating circuit

Compact heating circuit groups from DN20 to DN40 with thermal insulation

Heating circuit groups DN 20

tubra®-PGM/PGR S
The compact pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits up to 45 kW heat power

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Heating circuit groups DN 40

tubra®-PGM/PGR DN 40
The powerful pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits up to 250 kW heat power

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Product image PGR 32 648
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PGM DN 25 with mag-jet

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