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Supply fittings

tuxhorn offers supply fittings for all safety-related products that require high operating pressure. This ensures that a constant pressure is preloaded. The individual valves are available from a nominal size of DN 20. They are even available up to DN 50 for various ranges.

Supply valves are used to protect pressurized and unpressurized systems.

With our supply valves, we look back on 100 years of experience.

We offer safety, foot, check, level, fuel and gas valves.

Scheme VA
Scheme supply fittings

Automatic ventilation of a pressure vessel

An automatically ventilated pressure vessel according to DIN 4810 is filled, as well as ventilated and de-aerated, fully automatically by means of some safety mechanisms. The pump is switched by the pressure switch depending on the pressure level. Water is pumped from a borehole via a foot valve. Alternatively, an intermediate valve can be used to prevent a drop in the water column in the suction line.

The aeration valve ensures that the water is enriched with air during the pumping process, creating a constant air buffer in the upper third of the pressure vessel.

The air volume regulator releases the air from the storage tank
until the filling level is reached and the valve, actuated by a
float, closes tightly.

The visual control of the filling level is carried out via a level indicator.

Scheme VA Automatic ventilation of a pressure vessel
Scheme Automatic ventilation of a pressure vessel
tubra® Safety fittings

safety fittings DN 15 to DN 50 for liquids

tubra® Pump fittings

accessories for reliable operation of liquid pumps

tubra® Filling level fittings

Fittings for level monitoring and regulation

tubra® Level indicator

fittings for level indication of liquid containers, usable for liquids containing water and oil

tubra® Fuel and gas fittings

fittings for use with oil- and
petrol-containing liquids