PGS C multi ISO
    PGS C multi ISO
PGS C multi
    PGS C multi


Solar thermal energy

The pump groups for solar systems – also with integrated regulation

  • compact modular design
  • completely pre-assembled for connection to the solar circuit
  • PWM-controlled high-efficiency pumps:
    Wilo Para ST
    Grundfos UPM3 Solar
  • Volume flow display
    PGS multi: 1 – 13 l/min
    PGS XL: 5 – 35 l/min
  • incl. insulation according to GEG
System PGS multi                                                               

Two gravity brakes, safety devices, a wall mounting and complete insulation are already integrated in the tubra®-PGS multi solar station.

Optionally, the stations tubra®-PGS C multi are available with pre-assembled and pre-wired control. Shut-offs upstream and downstream of the pump allow replacement without draining the system. Dial thermometers and gravity brakes are mounted in the operating handles and in the ball valves, respectively. By operating the taps, the gravity brakes can be opened manually.

Scheme PGS

The 1 – 13 l/min version is available as a flow meter.
For safe degassing of the system, a large-volume air collector (tubra®-air-jet) is integrated, which can be emptied manually via the manual air vent. The necessary equipment such as pressure gauge, safety valve and the connection for the expansion vessel are integrated in the return due to the low thermal load.

The pump group can be mounted on the wall but also directly on the tank with optional accessories.

All stations are equipped with high-efficiency pumps.

Power extension eTherm

optional functions:

  • reheat function

eTherm P

Typtubra®-PGS 01tubra®-PGS multitubra®-PGS XL
Nominal sizeDN 20 DN 20 DN 25
Nominal capacity13 kW 13 kW 58 kW
max. collector surface,
flate plate,
low flow (18 l/m2h )
43 m²43 m²116 m²
max. collector surface,
flate plate,
high flow (30 l/m2h )
26 m²26 m²70 m²
Dimensions H x W x D405 x 200 x 180 mm 405 x 330 x 180 mm470 x 380 x 215 mm
Centre distance-125 mm 125 mm
max. working pressure6 bar / 10 bar 6 bar / 10 bar 6 bar / 10 bar
max. working temperature
flow / return
- / 120°C 140 / 120°C 140 / 120°C
ConnectionsG 3/4 IGG 3/4 IGG1 IG
Gravity brakes40 mbar 2 x 20 mbar2 x 20 mbar
Flowmeter1-13 l/min 1-13 l/min 5 - 35 l/min
Length of pump cable for solar
stations without electronic control
2,5 m 2,5 m2,5 m

tubra® accessory selection

Product portfolio Solar thermal energy

Solar stations/transfer stations from tuxhorn are designed for solar loading of buffer storage tanks.

tubra-PGS 01

nominal power 13 kW
max. collector area
low 43 m² / high 26 m²

see product

tubra-PGS XL

nominal power 58 kW
max. collector area
low 116 m² / high 70 m²

see product

tubra-ÜSTA S / M

nominal power
10 / 25 kW

see product

tubra-ÜSTA L / XL

nominal power
45 / 65 kW

see product

Product image PGS C multi Iso 648
PGS C multi
Product image PGS C multi 648
PGS C multi
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