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    PGR S

tubra®-PGM / PGR S

Heating circuit groups DN 20

The compact pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits
up to 45 kW heat output.

  • large power range up to 45 kW
  • progressive mixing characteristic for large flow rate range with optimum control quality (DN 20 kvs = 0 – 4.5 m³/h)
  • integrated temperature sensors – position in flow and return
  • smooth running ball valves with floating ball
  • integrated fitting piece for heat meter or tubra®-mag-jet magnetite separator
  • thermal insulation compliant with GEG
  • suitable for cooling applications > 14°C due to transparent foil in front of the thermometer openings
tubra® variants DN 20 groups

The compact heating group is available with different pumps.

  • Pumps: Grundfos UPM3, Wilo Para and without pump
  • Mixer: with and without 3-way mixer
  • Actuator:
    • 230V 3-point
    • 24V, 0-10V
    • 230V with constant value control
tubra®-Trio-mat + tubra®-PGM S

The compact pipe group for one mixed and one unmixed heating circuit with only one pump group.

  • direct connection to a heat generator with integrated pump
  • compact modular design
  • completely pre-assembled for connection to the heating circuit
  • lower operating costs, as there is no need for a pump in the unmixed heating circuit
  • combination with system separation ensures minimum flow rate
System PGM S + Trio-mat + System separation
Scheme PGM S + Trio-mat + system separation
Typtubra®-PGM Stubra®-PGR Stubra®-Trio-mat
Nominal capacity at dT 10K / 20K
Kvs Group (mixer)
20 / 40 kW
kvs 4,5 (9)
23 / 45 kW
12 kW / 24 kW
Nominal flow rate
at dT 250 mbar
--1100 l/h
Dimensions H x B x T 360 x 225 x 210 mm 360 x 225 x 210 mm 122 x 350 x 182 mm
Centre distance 100 mm100 mm100 mm
max. working pressure3 bar3 bar3 bar
max. working temperature 95 °C95 °C95 °C
Connections boiler sideG1 AG G1 AG G 3/4 AG
Connections circuit sideG1 AG G1 AG G1 ÜWM - Rp 3/4
Gravity brake20 mbar20 mbar-

tubra® accessory selection

Product portfolio Heating circuit

Compact heating circuit groups from DN20 to DN40 with thermal insulation

Heating circuit groups DN 25/32

tubra®-PGM/PGR DN 25/32
The universal pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits up to 90 kW heat output

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Heating circuit groups DN 40

tubra®-PGM/PGR DN 40
The powerful pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits up to 250 kW heat output

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