tubra®-ÜSTA L/XL

Solar thermal energy

The solar transfer station for stratified loading

  • compact modular design
  • with high-efficiency pumps
  • maximum solar collector area 130 m²,
    expandable to 260 m² by cascading
  • including pre-programmed systems on SD card
Scheme ÜSTA L/XL
Memory loading ÜSTA XL

combination of tubra®-ÜSTA XL and ÜSTA stratification loading set 

  • ÜSTA stratification loading set:
    for buffer tank, assembly with 2x DN 25
    3-way switching valves as double switching incl. insulation
System ÜSTA XL
Nominal sizeDN 25DN 25
Nominal capacity (18 l/m2h),
max 7K log Diff. prim. 60-34 °C
sec. 27-53 °C
45 kW65 kW
max. collector surface / cascaded
(flate plate)
90 m²130 m²
Solar pump (primary side)Wilo Para 15/8 iPWM2Wilo Para15/9 iPWM2
Buffer load pump (secondary side)Wilo Para 15/7 iPWM2Wilo Para 15/8 iPWM2
Dimensions H x W x D865 x 525 x 280 mm865 x 525 x 280 mm
max. working pressure (primary)6 bar6 bar
max. working pressure (secondary)3 bar3 bar
max. working temperature
primary flow / return
140 / 120 °C140 / 120 °C
max. working temperature secondary110 °C110 °C
Connections (primary)G1 IGG1 IG
Connections (secondary)G1 IGG1 IG
Gravity brakes20 mbar 20 mbar

tubra® accessory selection

Product portfolio Solar thermal energy

Solar stations/transfer stations from tuxhorn are designed for solar loading of buffer storage tanks.

tubra-ÜSTA S / M

nominal power
10 / 25 kW

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tubra-PGS 01

nominal power 13 kW
max. collector area
low 43 m² / high 26 m²

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tubra-PGS XL

nominal power 58 kW
max. collector area
low 116 m² / high 70 m²

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