Frista-L ISO
    Frista-L ISO

tubra®-FRISTA L/KL

The versatile fresh water station

An electronically controlled fresh water station with Tuxhorn fresh water controller, 6-fold cascadable for large tapping capacities up to 371 l/min.

A versatile station – the division into master and slave is done during commissioning.

  • compact modular design with integrated, pre-assembled cascade valve on the FRISTA KL
  • modular cascade valve for nemux S, nemux M and FRISTA XL stations
  • hygiene program and thermal disinfection for maximum protection
  • completely pre-assembled for connection to the storage circuit and drinking water network
  • with built-in controller, pre-wired
  • comfort function for keeping the primary side piping warm
  • floating set point, reduction of the hot water setpoint temperature if the buffer temperature is not sufficient.
  • circulation pump set for integration into the FRISTA L or modularly expandable with nemux S, nemux M and FRISTA XL. Time, temperature and demand control possible

tubra®-FRISTA KL – the cascade solution for large plants:

tubra®-nemux KS, tubra®-nemux KM, tubra®-FRISTA KL, FRISTA KXL rely on cross-station logic. Best operational reliability with highest temperature accuracy.

All stations are bidirectionally connected. This means that the entire system can be set via one control panel, with all important information available centrally. The controller is capable of issuing a collective fault signal and can thus be used for building management systems. Cascades offer the possibility to add outputs of several stations. Stations are combined to achieve the required performance.

The advantage over large fresh water stations is that the hot water volume flows can be regulated more precisely by several individual stations. The next station is only switched on when a switch-on threshold is reached.

System FRISTA L cascade
Typtubra®-FRISTA Ltubra®-nemux FRISTA
KL2 / KL3 / KL4 / KL5 / KL6
Nominal size
Heating part / hot water part
DN 25DN 25
Nominal capacity at cold water-hot water
heating flow 10-45 °C/65 °C
158 kW 300 / 450 / 600 / 751 / 901 kW
Tap performance 10-45/65 °C65 l/min124 / 185 / 247 / 309 / 371 l/min
Tap performance 10-60/75 °C50 l/min95 / 143 / 190 / 238 / 285 l/min
max. pressure lost hot water part0,4 bar0,4 bar
Performance rating according to DIN 4708
at nominal capacity
NL 23NL 69 / 125 / 185 / 250 / 320
Loading pumpWilo PARA 15/8 iPWM2Wilo PARA 15/8 iPWM2
Electronic controlResol Resol
max. working pressure
heating part / hot water part
10 bar10 bar
max. working temperature
heating part / hot water part
85 °C / 65 °C85 °C / 65 °C
Connections heating part / hot water partG1 IG / Rp 3/4G1 IG / Rp 3/4
Dimensions H x W x D865 x 525 x 280 mm865 x 525 x 280 mm

tubra® accessory selection

Product portfolio Hot water

Fresh water stations from tuxhorn are used exclusively for heating drinking water by means of a buffer tank and an in-station plate heat exchanger using the flow-through principle. Only drinking water as defined by the Drinking Water Ordinance may be heated.

tubra-nemux T VE

Nominal power 60 kW
Tap capacity 25 l/min

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tubra-nemux M VE

Nominal power 100 kW
Tap capacity 41 l/min

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Nominal power 223 kW
Tap capacity 83 l/min

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nemux cascade piping

For hydraulic connection of 2 stations tubra®-nemux S / M

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Complete station for mixing
and circulation

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Thermostatic domestic hot water mixer for centralized hot water temperature control

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