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offers system storage systems with fully coordinated system components that ensure fast installation. This not only saves time, but the fittings can also be mounted in a space-saving manner.

System storage

With tuxhorn fittings to system storage

  • system safety with optimum energy utilization due to stratified chimney for heating circuit return
  • Power to heat stratified loading – storage tank is loaded to 100% stratified
  • space-saving installable
  • low installation effort, due to internal piping
  • optimally matched components

All in one storage
for heating, hot water, PV heat, heat pump,
biomass and solar.

The tank is equipped with internal piping and insulation made of polyester fiber fleece, which ensure the highest energy efficiency.

Fresh water buffer tank
Hot water with photovoltaics – the new solar heat.

Through the tubra®-eTherm, the stratified loading of the storage tank is carried out with cost-effective surplus energy. Ideal for increasing the self-consumption quota, especially for old EEG plants that are no longer eligible for subsidies.

All in One - Fresh water tank V2
                   All in one storage tank and fresh water tank

Product group System storage

All in one storage

volume 500 to 1000 liters
with/without solar register

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Fresh water buffer tank

volume 400 liters
with internal piping

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