Heating circuit

Pump groups for mixed and
unmixed heating circuits included
Accessories from distributors, system separation to magnetite separators.

  • PGM / PGR DN 20 >>>
  • PGM / PGR DN 25/32 >>>
  • PGM / PGR DN 40 >>>

Storage tank charging groups, pump groups in the boiler circuit and solid fuel boiler groups with return temperature boosting.

Thermally controlled apartment transfer stations for efficient 2-pipe networks in multi-family houses for mixed and unmixed heat distribution.

  • FSU / FSM >>>

offers heating circuit groups from DN 20 to DN 40 with up to 12 m³/h or a maximum of 250 kW heat output, matching heating circuit manifolds, hydraulic separators, magnetite separators, overflow valves and accessories.

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Heating circuit groups versions

  • PGR without mixer with lower pump shutoff
  • PGM with 3-way mixing valve:
    • 230V 3-point actuator
    • 24 V, 0-10 V actuator,
    • 230 V actuator with integrated constant temperature controller
    • and with weather-guided heating controller
  • PGM / PGR DN 25/32/40 VL right / left possible
  • progressive mixer characteristic with large kvs value
  • ball valve spindles exchangeable from the front
  • integrable magnetite separator tubra®-mag-jet
Diagram mixed heating circuit groups

Characteristic tubra®-PGM

Control quality of the mixing valve:

The progressive characteristic of the rotary valve ensures that even with very low flow rates, the flow rate changes can be controlled very precisely over the entire 90° control range.

Resulting flow temperature:
The exact setting of the required flow rate leads to a constant flow temperature. Thus, the building is supplied with exactly the amount of heat that is currently needed.

Optimized 3D geometry:
Optimized 3D geometry of the rotary valve for constant control quality over the entire volume flow range with only one kvs value.

Diagram mixer cock

The benefit for the heating system:

  • no overheating of rooms
  • Low constant return temperatures and thus long heat generator running times and high efficiency
  • long service life of the mixing valve and the actuator.
Diagram progressive and linear mixer

Product group Heating circuit

Heating circuit groups DN 20

tubra®-PGM/PGR S
The compact pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits up to 45 kW heat output

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Heating circuit groups DN 25/32

tubra®-PGM/PGR DN 25/32
The universal pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits up to 90 kW heat output

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Heating circuit groups DN 40

tubra®-PGM/PGR DN 40
The powerful pump groups for mixed and unmixed heating circuits up to 250 kW heat output

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