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tubra®-nemux S/M

Fresh water station

A electronically controlled fresh water station with many options such as circulation programs, cascade function for up to 4 stations and hygiene programs. The nemux M has a more powerful plate heat exchanger.

  • complete stainless steel piping
  • optimized insulation according to GEG
  • variants with full stainless steel PHE available
  • comfort function (warm start)
  • floating set point function: at low buffer temperature, the set point is reduced and thus the buffer tank is not mixed
tubra®-nemux cascade piping

The tubra®-nemux cascade piping allows a space-saving installation of two tubra®-nemux fresh water stations one above the other on the wall. Together with the cascade ball valve set, the primary and secondary piping can thus be realized.

Scheme nemux S/M cascade
Typtubra®-nemux Stubra®-nemux M
Nominal size
Heating part / hot water part
DN 20DN 20
Nominal capacity at cold water-hot water
heating flow 10-45 °C/65 °C
70 kW100 kW
Tap performance 10-45/65 °C
max. pressure lost hot water part
28,7 l/min
0,8 bar
41 l/min
0,6 bar
Tap performance 10-60/75 °C21,5 l/min 30 l/min
Performance rating according to DIN 4708
at nominal capacity
NL 5NL 10
Loading pumpWilo Para 15/7 iPWM2Wilo Para 15/7 iPWM2
Electronic controljaja
Thermic control
max. working pressure
heating part
10 bar10 bar
max. working pressure
hot water part
10 bar10 bar
max. working temperature
heating part
85 °C85 °C
max. working temperature
drinking water part
65 °C65 °C
Connections heating part / hot water partG1 IG / G1 AG G1 IG / G1 AG
Dimensions H x W x D425 x 350 x 190 mm425 x 350 x 190 mm
tubra®-nemux S/M cascade:

Ball valve set cascade
2 x corner ball valve and
1 x cascade valve


These two products are required per station for an installation of the nemux S/M cascade!

tubra® accessory selection

Product portfolio Hot water

Fresh water stations from tuxhorn are used exclusively for heating drinking water by means of a buffer tank and an in-station plate heat exchanger using the flow-through principle. Only drinking water as defined by the Drinking Water Ordinance may be heated.

tubra-nemux T VE

Nominal power 60 kW
Tap capacity 25 l/min

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tubra-FRISTA L

Nominal power 158 kW
Tap capacity 65 l/min

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Nominal power 223 kW
Tap capacity 83 l/min

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nemux cascade piping

For hydraulic connection
of 2 stations tubra®-nemux S / M

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FRISTA KL cascade piping

For hydraulic connection
of 2 stations tubra®-FRISTA KL

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Complete station for mixing
and circulation

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Thermostatic domestic hot water mixer for central hot water temperature regulation

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