tubra® -SYSTEMTECHNIK partner of the heat pump

The new reference guide for tuxhorn system technology in combination with heat pumps!
Tuxhorn takes up the challenge of the energy turnaround and has compiled schemes of heat pumps
in combination with tubra® system technology in an extensive guide.

Heat pump summit: Habeck explains how we will heat in the future
The German government is planning an offensive to install heat pumps as a more climate-friendly alternative to oil and gas heating.
It wants to drive forward the energy turnaround in buildings, the move away from fossil fuels and thus climate protection.

From 2024, at least 500,000 new heat pumps should be installed each year for heating buildings – by 2030, there should be
6 million installed systems.

The guide
In the guide you will find important information about different systems with tuxhorn components for heat pumps for installation in detached and apartment houses.

tubra® system technology: overview of system solutions for heat pumps

Heat pump systems

  • A1 – heat pump heating system with system storage tank
    tubra® – PFW 500 – 1000
  • A2 – hydraulic module tubra® – eTherm HP+ for monoblock heat pump on system storage tank
  • B1 – hygienic domestic hot water heating with fresh water buffer tank tubra® – PFW 380
  • B2 – hydraulic module tubra® – eTherm HP for monoblock heat pump on fresh water buffer tank
  • C1 – universal heat pump concept for buffer storage with tubra® components
  • D1 – hybrid heating for refurbishment, tubra® components for heat pump and gas condensing boiler
  • E1 – heating system optimized for solar and heat pumps for multi-family houses with tubra®-FSM apartment stations

Components optimized for heat pumps

  • System component tubra® home stations – FSM
  • Fresh water stations optimized for heat pumps
    tubra® – nemux TM/M
  • Heating circuit groups optimized for heat pumps
    tubra® – PGR / PGM
  • The fresh water buffer tank tubra® – PFW 380
  • The system storage tubra® – PFW 500 / 800 / 1000
  • tubra® – Components for System Storage
  • tubra® – eTherm P and C
  • tubra® – eTherm HP / HP+
System example: Heat pump heating system with system storage tank tubra® - PFW 500 - 1000
System example: Components tubra® - FSM
Download area

The guide brochure “Feel-good heat: tuxhorn components for heat pumps” is available for you to download.

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