Solar Heat Power to heat
-eTherm 9 kW

Powerful expansion of the tubra®-eTherm portfolio

Complete set of hydraulic module with 9 kW heating power, target temperature control for 70°C, modulating power electronics from 0.1 – 9 kW and sensor unit for excess power measurement.

The combination of tubra®-eTherm P9 and two eTherm C9 results in a power to heat system with 0 – 27 kW continuously modulating heating power.

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Power to heat System with 27 kW

Hydraulic modules for heat pumps
-eTherm HP
Systems for new construction and refurbishment of old buildings

tubra® system with eTherm HP+

Application for control and electric auxiliary heater used for heating and hot water heating by heat pumps.

  • hybrid auxiliary heating for bivalent heat pump operation
  • Efficient water heating and heating operation for heat pumps with optimal, low temperature spreads

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System storage with tubra®-eTherm HP+

Flat stations
-FSM, tubra®-FSM-C,
thermal or electronic for heat pump heating centers

tubra® flat stations FSM / FSM-C

Thermally/electronically controlled tubra®-FSM / FSM-C flat stations for comfortable, decentralized and hygienic potable water heating and efficient heating distribution.

  • with low system temperatures < 55°C optimized for heat pumps

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FSM flat station

System storage for systems with > 65% renewable energy
tubra®-PFW 500-1000

The All in one storage

  • System safety and optimum energy utilization with stratified flues for clean separation of heating circuit return and fresh water return

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System storage

Heat pump optimized portfolio for fresh water stations
tubra®-nemux to tubra®-FRISTA XL

Generously designed plate heat exchangers with
large thermal length qualify the tuxhorn fresh water station program for use with low system temperatures of heat pumps.

tubra®-nemux and tubra®-FRISTA XL

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Selection fresh water stations

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