-All in One Storage

for heating, hot water, PV-Heat, heat pump, biomass and solar

  • simple, fast, space-saving installation of all system components directly on the storage tank with suitable connection fittings.
  • optimal solar integration for solar thermal or power to heat
  • Eligible in combination with a heating system renovation with renewable energies
  • The system is rounded off by a comprehensive range of connection accessories, including a quick-acting air vent, a safety group, an expansion vessel connection and suitable corner ball valves.

Buffer tank volume 500 / 800 / 1000 liters

  • With or without register for solar thermal systems
  • 100 mm fleece insulation, efficiency class C
  • Fresh hot water in flow principle
  • no stockpiling of hot drinking water
  • Very good utilization of storage tank due to low return temperatures, improves the calorific value effect
tubra®- Fittings for the system reservoir
Scheme system memory

All in One storage tank for heating, hot water, PV-Heat, heat pump,
Biomass and solar

  • The buffer tank is optimized for the Tuxhorn fresh water station family tubra®-nemux and heating circuit groups tubra®-PGM
  • Simple, quick mounting on the storage tank due to matching connections and accessories
  • efficient internal piping
  • Versions with internal solar heat exchanger have optimized connections for the Tuxhorn tubra®-PGS solar stations
  • The Power to Heat hydraulic group tubra®-eTherm loads the system storage tank in layers from top to bottom

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