-eTherm cascade

Combination of tubra®-eTherm P and tubra®-eTherm C
  • Total thermal power 12 kW
  • Stepless modulating
  • Buffer storage battery of 2000 liters
  • PV systems up to 30 kWp, Incl. Sensors and power electronics
  • Independent of the inverter or energy management systems
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tubra®-System Components Hot Water & PV-Heat

tubra-nemux T
Rated power 60 kW
Tap capacity 24.6 l/min
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tubra-nemux S
Rated power 70 kW
Tap capacity 28.7 l/min
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tubra-eTherm P
Nominal power 0 to 3kW
Temperature 30 to 70 °C
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tubra-eTherm C
Rated power 9 kW
Temperature 65 °C
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