-eTherm P combination with solar battery

Increasing the self-consumption of the photovoltaic system through thermal storage in parallel and in addition to battery charging.

External electric heater for charging buffer storage tanks with surplus photovoltaic power.

  • Heating power: stepless modulation from 0 – 3000 W
    Intrinsically safe incl. Thermostat, STB, pump control
    Power electronics and own sensor technology
  • Optimum stratification with target temperature for immediately usable heat and full utilization of the available storage capacity
System eTherm P                                                                                              

In larger photovoltaic systems, the tubra-eTherm P significantly increases the self-consumption percentage, in parallel with battery charging and especially when the battery is fully charged.

Priority regulation

  1. Household electricity
  2. Battery
  3. Heat accumulator
  4. Grid feed

Charging power

  1. Battery approx. 3 kW
  2. Buffer tank 3 kW

Storage capacity

  1. Battery 6 kWh
  2. Buffer tank 700 liters = 36 kWh

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